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Frankfurt am Main Airport

Frankfurt am Main Airport is an essential international airport in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is Germany's fifth biggest city and is one of the world's top industrial areas. The Fraport runs the airport and operates as Lufthansa's main airport, like Lufthansa CityLine and Lufthansa Cargo and Condor and AeroLogic.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities near Frankfurt am Main Airport which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

Short Term Frankfurt am Main Airport Parking
Business Parking at Terminal 1
You can benefit from the extensive parking areas and customizable mobility. Take benefit of the business parking spaces at Frankfurt Airport with their entry and a clear route to check-in. It is suitable for casual and regular flyers with a busy schedule. No contracts or Pre-booking required.

Gas-powered Vehicles Frankfurt Airport Parking
You can park petroleum run vehicles anywhere at the airport. However, you cannot park LPG vehicles in Business Parking.

Premium Parking Frankfurt Airport Parking
Premium parking has reserved parking spaces. Premium parking is a first-class choice for business travelers. You can park to your immediate, extra-wide car park immediately at Frankfurt Airport. Take full advantage of instant access to Terminal 1 and the fastest route to check-in.
Efficiency for the Entire Fleet at Frankfurt Airport Parking

Long Term Frankfurt am Main Airport Parking
Frankfurt Airport Parking Holiday Parking
You can only park your car in Holiday Parking with advance online booking.

Advice for Your Travel Time at Frankfurt Airport Parking
You must reach a minimum of 2 to 3 hours before takeoff (as per the rules of your airline). Allow ample additional time to park your car and walk to the terminal. The shuttle service runs every 30 minutes throughout the clock and travels for about half an hour from the car park to the terminals.

Terminal Frankfurt am Main Airport Parking
There are 15,000 parking spaces at Frankfurt Airport that provide quick and easy access to check-in. Just drive up, park your car, and depart to your destination. You can park gas-powered cars anywhere at the airport. However, you can not park LPG cars in Terminal Parking. You can park your LPG cars at the Holiday parking instead.

Disabled parking area Frankfurt am Main Airport Parking
You may also park for up to three hours without spending any money on parking in front of Terminal 1 (drop-off area P39) and Terminal 2 (short-term parking lot P19) to get in or out or load or unload your bags. You must place your special parking pass or your Severely Disabled ID card (' G' or' aG') in your vehicle window or on the dashboard where it is clear. Note that not all parts of the airport have handicapped parking spots for disabled persons.

Services at Frankfurt am Main Airport Parking
You can take advantage of various services at the Frankfurt Airport:

Charge Station sign Frankfurt am Main Airport Parking
Commuters and clients of electric cars can not only park at Frankfurt Airport but also recharge their electric vehicles for free at the same time.

Electric car charging spots
At terminal 1, entrance P4 and at terminal 2, entrance P8.

Further charging options without booking:
At terminal 1, entrance P2 and at terminal 2, entrance P9.

Around Frankfurt am Main Airport