Düsseldorf Airport

Flughafenstraße, Düsseldorf

Parking (P+R) at Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport is an International Airport of Dusseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the German state. It is about 7 kilometers north of downtown Düsseldorf and in the Rhine-Ruhr district, Germany's greatest metropolitan area, about 20 kilometers south-west of Essen.

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Long-term Parking Dusseldorf Airport: If you are searching for a low-cost car park, you must ensure to book one of the inexpensive long-term parking spaces at Düsseldorf Airport.

P4: Long-Term Parking Dusseldorf Airport P4 car park can be seen easily by yellow umbrellas from the Autobahn. You can find it conveniently located at Dusseldorf Airport for arrivals and departures. Not only passengers find convenience from swift airport transfers, but the distance via the sky train is also very short, meaning that you can reach the terminal in less than 2 minutes.

From the easy access to the motorway and inexpensive parking spaces directly on the premises of Dusseldorf Airport, you can park your car safely and conveniently. As a whole, the P4 car park provides admission to over 3,000 parking spaces, most of which are covered. Before heading for your journey, you should book your parking space online for a seamless parking experience. In this case, you will quickly and efficiently access a parking space in the P4 parking garage-under suitable circumstances. ⠀

P5: Long-Term Parking Dusseldorf Airport With Sky Train Connection The P5 parking garage at Düsseldorf Airport is centrally located; tourists will benefit immensely from its reasonable prices. Besides, more than 3,000 contemporary, mainly covered parking spaces are available, which can be reserved online at a high price. Internet promotions are always open, and you can save the parking expenses. Every car with a height limit at the entrance is 2.10 m, and the parking spaces are 2.50 m long at € 30/h. You'll find electric charging points in the ground floor for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Arrival: From the A44 motorway, take the exit "Flughafen Düsseldorf." Follow the' Abflug' signs until you see the' LANGZEIT' (LONG-TERM) sign. Then take a right, pass the lights and drive until you find the left side of Car Park P5. After parking your vehicle, you can travel to the terminal via "Skytrain." Opening hours: 24 hours a day.

P22 Parking Dusseldorf Airport The P22 car park at Dusseldorf Airport is just a 2-minute walk from the terminal, next to the P7 car rental center and parking garage. It has 100 car parks and is well-known by Dusseldorf Airport travelers who want to take advantage of the cheap-cost, long-term parking areas. P22 offers ideal space for vehicles of more height, as there is an overlay in the parking area.

Short Term Parking Dusseldorf Airport If you're in a hurry, you should pick the two short-stay parking lots at P11 and P12. They're only a 1-minute walk from the airport. Parking at P12 is an option worth considering for short-stay drivers if you want to pick up someone. The P12 is in front of Terminal C's arrivals building. You can use the P11 quick-stay car park, as it is directly adjacent to Terminal C's departures area. It's a great option for those who want to accompany someone to the exit gates and garage for just a short time.

If you want to go with someone to the airport or pick them up at the gate when you return, the airport recommends that, in this case, you should use the near-terminal parking garages. The updated P7 and P8 parking garages have extra-large parking spaces (2.5 m), which you can make use of for your ease. Particularly convenient is underground garage P1, situated inside the terminal building.

Kiss & Fly: New Terminal Access Area Parking Dusseldorf Airport The Kiss & Fly area is behind the P11 and P12 short-term car parks. At both arrivals and departures point, you need to go through the Kiss & Fly area free of charge to enter the short-term parking as usual.

Disabled Parking Dusseldorf Airport: Disabled persons having a Blue European Parking Certificate issued by the Road Traffic Authority can park their automobile free of charge in the terminal and long term parking spaces at Düsseldorf Airport (not applicable to multi-story parking spaces P11 and P12 or First Class parking spaces).

Services Parking Dusseldorf Airport You can avail several services at Dusseldorf Airport:

Electric Car Charging: You can charge your electric car in the P5 long term parking area.

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