Airport Genova Cristoforo Colombo

Via Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia, Genova

Parking (P+R) at Airport Genova Cristoforo Colombo

Genoa Airport is also known as Christopher Columbus Airport, and usually called Aeroporto di Genova-Sestri Rapporteur, is an international airport located on the artificial peninsula, 4 NM west of Genoa, Italy. The airport is the most crucial airport in Liguria and services the city and the Port of Genoa, and a large community in southern Piedmont. Passengers may fly to local destinations, including Bari, Cagliari, Rome, Catani or Naples, or cities, including Istanbul, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, or Monaco. The airport maintains the summer and winter time tables, which are on the official web site of the airport. The official IATA code for Genoa Airport is GOA. Passengers will drop off their rental cars from several car hire stations operated by Avis, Maggiore, Hertz, Europcar, E-Sixt, Easycar Italia, and Travelcar workers.

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Short term parking There are many parking options at Genoa airport. Read below to find some short term parking spaces at the airport:

P1 Genoa airport parking The primary car parking area P1 has a capacity for 700 vehicles, while the short-term car parking zone has room for 70 vehicles. There are 15 spaces available for short-term parking outside the departure area, in which passengers have to pay €2 for the first hour, with the preceding hours not exceeding 3 hours and are charged at the very same rate. You will have to pay at the machines located just opposite the area. In the central parking field, the cost is €8.00 for the first 4 hours, €16 for 8 hours, €20 for up to 12 hours and €22 for up to 24 hours of parking. Moreover, you will have to pay €5.50 for 6 hours or a portion of it.

Long term parking There are many parking options at Genoa airport. Read below to find some long term parking spaces at the airport:

P2 Genoa airport parking Genoa Airport Parking has space for 202 long-term parking criteria (P2). The disabled parking lot is placed directly opposite the terminal building, within the shortest route of all passenger services. Genoa Airport long term parking costs €50 for up to 5 days of parking, which from the 6th day onward parking costs €6.00 a day or half of it.

Disabled parking Genoa Airport also provides a range of disabled parking places. There are dedicated parking spaces situated between the airport terminal-entry and exit-points. Disabled riders will also show their new identification for disabled people while utilizing such parking spaces. Your airline will make special arrangements for you.

Parking around Airport Genova Cristoforo Colombo