MOBIBIKE | Voorveldse Polder

MOBIBIKE | Voorveldse Polder

Biltsestraatweg 92
3573 PS Utrecht

With a MOBIBIKE you can rent a bicycle at an affordable price. These bicycles are parked on our MOBIHUB. This is a place where you can park your car for free when you book a bicycle directly. You can book the bicycle separately and a parking space, but you can also rent a parking space in combination with a bicycle, then you can park for free.

At MOBIHUB Voorveldse Polder, the MOBIHUB is located at Star Lodge Hotels. From here you are only 10 minutes by bike in the centre of Utrecht! Of course, you can also use a bicycle when you live or work in the area. Or when you live in the area and receive visitors. They park the car for free and can cycle the last bit. You can easily open the lock via an app on your phone, so no hassle with keys!

The bicycles are to the right of the barrier, next to the bicycles of the hotel. You can recognize this by the pink MOBIAN sticker/branding on the bike.
You can also open the lock of the bicycle via your phone. By bike, you can quickly continue your journey to the centre of Utrecht, the office or home. Please note that only adult bikes are available and no child seats.
City bike
This bike is an adult sized city bike. It has a lock, whichs opens with an app, light, breaks and straps.

MOBIBIKE | Voorveldse Polder Offers:
  • Reserve a free parking space
  • Open 24/7
  • Only adult bikes available
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