Greenday @Stadspark Groningen [22-06]

Concourslaan, Groningen

Parking (P+R) at Greenday @Stadspark Groningen [22-06]

The Stadspark in Groningen was given to the inhabitants in 1913 by Jan Evert Scholten. He envisioned it as a place where everyone could come for relaxation, exercise and fun. Hence the nickname 'backyard of Groningen'. To this day, the park is mainly used for this purpose, but the event industry has also found it beautiful as a stage. A few times a year a huge stage is built on the trotting track where up to 75,000 visitors can enjoy the best music. In August 2021, the municipality decided to stop using the trotting track for sports and to use it completely for events. This allows major artists such as Greenday, Fallout Boy, Weezer and Guns n' Roses to make full use of this beautiful location.

Green day Green Day is an American punk rock band that has teamed up with the bands 'Fall Out Boy' and 'Weezer' for the 'Hella Mega Tour'. It's the ultimate mash-up of pop, rock and punk, brought to you by the three rock bands that have been competing for years to put their own stamp on rock music. The Hella Mega Tour will travel through the Netherlands in June and this time it will be shown in the Stadspark of Groningen.

General information parking Groningen Stadspark Groningen Stadspark is easy to reach by car. The park has limited restrictions for cars and, during events, it becomes a busy place where it is not possible to park. Avoid the crowds, avoid searching kilometers and avoid expensive parking meters.

MOBIAN offers various options for parking at the Stadspark; these can be reserved online. Check availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool on this page.

Parking on MobiHubs around Groningen Stadspark There are two MobiHubs around Stadspark Groningen where visitors can park cheaply in a safe, clean and affordable way. Park & ​​​​Bike Stadspark Groningen is an easy way to avoid traffic and get to your favorite artist on time. Park & ​​​​Bike offers free parking in Groningen, provided you rent a bicycle.

By using the MobiHub you switch from your car to a bicycle. The large network of cycle paths and traffic lights makes cycling in Groningen clear and safe. Wearing a bicycle helmet is not mandatory. Let up! Since 1 July 2019 you are not allowed to hold devices such as mobile phones and navigation systems while cycling.

Parking around Greenday @Stadspark Groningen [22-06]