Become a MOBIHUB

Launch, manage and scale your parking as a mobility hub with MOBIAN
  • check Increase parking occupancy rate up to 50%
  • check Increase up to 6 km sales radius around parking
  • check Upgrade parking facilities with last mile solutions
  • check Contribute to accessibility and sustainability

Vacancy, a waste of money and space. In times of limited space and demand for good parking spots this is a major contrast. The occupancy rate is too low, while street parking fees and travel rates have become more and more expensive. It's a struggle and a challenge to make car parks visible and usable by motorists, especially if they are not directly within walking distance of facilities or final destinations. By transforming parking areas into a fully digital mobility hub - MOBIHUB as we would like to call them -, the areas gain more visibility and reachability and will become more relevant and profitable. Offering additional mobility for the last mile makes the car park an attractive place to park the car and proceed by bike, e-taxi or public transport. To be more specific: a mobility hub will increase your parking occupancy rate, your sales radius and will distinguish itself due to the great upgrade to the parking facilities with - last mile - smart connected mobility.

Five simple steps

MOBIAN is a one-stop shop to launch your MOBIHUB. Within 5 simple steps your car park will become a fully digital parking with the required (white label) soft- and hardware, 24/7 back office support and it will be connected to over 100.000 MobiUsers.



MOBIAN is able to provide you with white label software to digitise your parking consisting of a pre-booking tool, fleet management, paperless access, price - and occupancy management.


HUB set-up

A masterplan is what we bring to the table. We will come up with a personalised HUB set-up where to place the bike storages, branding and signing.



We will deliver and connect the (last mile) mobility of your choice.


HUB activities

In order to get the MOBIHUB up and running we set up the side activities. Think of the 24/7 Q&A-service, the financial settlement and online listing.



In this final step the development of the MOBIHUB is finished. Now both parties can activate their community to start using this brand new mobility hub.


Do you see hub potential for your car park, city, event or in another area? Contact us and let us inspire and advise you.

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Read more on how to transform your location into a mobility hub and how can help in that transition in our white paper.

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