Are you a frequent user of our hubs?

Save costs spend at our hubs through one of our subscriptions.

Frequent user should get some benefits! Right?

With MobiCredits you buy credits for our MobiHubs at a discounted rate. With these credits, you can book your parking space and/or reserve a bicycle where and when you need it! These MobiCredits can be used for all our MobiHub locations and all of the options we offer. One credit equals € 1, so calculate the benefits of buying a bundle! You are not tied to a fixed monthly fee or to one location. If you use them for yourself, your employees or visitors, everything is possible!

What are your benefits?


Guaranteed parking spots available.


Great bikes to get you to your destination!


Reduced costs on all of our hubs.

What do we offer?



Do you live near one of our MOBHUBs? Use all of the mobilities (like parking parking spaces and bicycles on all available MobiHubs for one fixed amount per month.

For example, park your car in Amsterdam West and switch to a brand new bike. Taking a flight from Schiphol the next day? No problem, you can also park your car there at, for example, MobiHub Schiphol West.

All for one fixed amount per month.



Do you want to guarantee your entire organization of parking spaces, shared bicycles and perhaps shared cars without having to pay for not used parking spots, bikes or cars? It’s possible! With MobiBusinessMember you determine the pool of desired mobility (parking spots, shared bikes, shared cars) which can only be used by the users designated by you within the days/times determined by you.

So the mobilities (parkingspots, shared bikes, shared cars) which determined by you are easily being shared within the group of users determined by you. As a result you never pay for expensive empty parking spaces, stationary bikes or cars again.

Do you want to organize mobility within your organization in a shareable, sustainable and cheap way without the need for clumsy parking passes and bicycle keys? Than the MobiBusinessMember can help you out right away.

View the possibilities of MobiBusinessMember



Don’t want to be stuck with monthly fees? And do you want to use different MOBIHUBs at an even more attractive rate? Then MobiCredits are what you looking for!

Buy your MobiCredits once at a discounted rate and receive a unique token that you can use when reserving our mobilities on all different MOBIHUBs.