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Innercity jams, overflowing P+R’s, sky high parking fees… experiencing this daily struggle towards your downtown destination and eager for the solution? Park at a hub and switch to a bike! MOBIAN offers the smartest P+R solution by combining pre-reserved parking spots with last mile mobility within one beneficial subscription.

  • check Ensured trip by reservation
  • check Choice of 20+ locations
  • check Use of all mobilities
  • check Discount on public transport & e-taxi


From our MOBIHUBS, residents, commuters and visitors can enter and leave the city by transport of their own choice. Popular among commuters is a MobiFlex membership: reserve a parking space and a shared bicycle in advance of your visit. Choose a regular bicycle, an e-bike, Fat Bike, cargo bike or cargo bike, including charger and exclusively for you. Planning and booking up to two weeks in advance according to your schedule means a spot only when you need one; this leaves room for hybrid work and keeps the MobiFlex rate extra competitive. This way, you do not unnecessarily "occupy" an empty parking space and do not pay for it. Park for a maximum of 24 consecutive hours with a minimum of 4 hours between bookings. On the days you use Park & Bike, the bicycle is exclusively available to you during the parking period. The flexibility of divisible parking spaces and shared bikes makes MobiFlex membership a sustainable choice.


MOBIAN has several mobility hubs, so-called MOBIHUBS, at strategically convenient locations on the outskirts of cities. By choosing mobility hubs you do your bit for sustainability: no emissions in the city centre, fewer (stationed) cars on the street, which gives valuable space back to the city. But there are more benefits: parking at a MOBIHUB is way more afforable then the sky-high fees for street parking and you will no longer have to search for a suitable spot. Our smart mobility hubs take P+R to the next, modern level where we commit the R to more than public transport.


Create. schedule, manage and operate: all via one single app. At MOBIAN all you need is our app for your bookings. Create a new, schedule in advance, cancel or adjust and operate onsite. This pleasant, compact and convenient way of working makes it very accessible and clear. Opening the parking barrier and smart bike locks? Just use the MOBIAN app!

All days

Your smartest P+R covered for 7 days a week.

What's included?

  • All locations included
  • Use of all available mobilities
  • Use of our services 24/7
  • Discount on public transport & e-taxi

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