MOBIHUB | P+R - Q-Park Westergasfabriek

Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, Amsterdam




Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, Amsterdam



Hubs; City MOBIHUB



At this parking garage, the maximum vehicle height is 2 meters.



The parking lot where the car is parked is covered.

Switch to bike or public transport

Park at a mobility hub and switch to green transport for the last mile, a smart choice! Don't get stuck in the busy city centre anymore, enjoy a guaranteed parking spot and never overpay for parking again. All you need for your trip is the MOBIAN app: book, manage and operate.


Want to be sure of a parking spot? Make a reservation upfront! Download and open the MOBIAN app, enter your destination, easily find a parking location nearby and book your parking spot including transport for the last stretch.

All at one place

Check and manage your reservations in one overview. Everything in one place which means no more paper parking-, access- and various transport tickets! The app bundles everything you need for your complete trip.On site

Navigate to the parking location. Open the app and your reservation to open the barrier at the touch of a button. Chosen a bike? Easily find your bike and open and close the bike lock in the app. By public transport? You'll find your QR transport ticket... indeed, in the MOBIAN app!


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Parking at MOBIHUB | P+R - Q-Park Westergasfabriek

Park and Cycle at MOBIHUB Westergasfabriek

Welcome to MOBIHUB Westergasfabriek, the ideal parking location in Amsterdam for anyone looking for convenience and flexibility. This modern parking facility not only offers safe and spacious parking spaces, but also the option to rent a bicycle, so that you can explore the city easily and quickly.

Comfortable Parking in Amsterdam

MOBIHUB Westergasfabriek is strategically located and offers an excellent base for both visitors and residents of Amsterdam. Parking at this MOBIHUB location at Q-Park Westergasfabriek is easy and worry-free. Thanks to the spacious layout and modern amenities, you will always find a place for your vehicle, regardless of its size. Whether you have a compact car or a large SUV, there is always room for you.

Rent a bicycle at MOBIHUB Westergasfabriek

One of the unique advantages of parking at MOBIHUB Westergasfabriek is the option to rent a bicycle. This makes your visit to Amsterdam even more flexible and sustainable. Renting a bicycle is easy and quick, so you can get on the road straight away. Whether you are a tourist who wants to explore the city or a local who wants to get from A to B quickly, a bicycle is the ideal solution. Add your bike reservation to your parking reservation and book both in one ticket. Did you forget to book it up front together with your parking spot? Scan the QR code on the bike shed in the parking garage.

Discover Amsterdam by Bike

There are countless beautiful cycling routes that you can take from Q-Park Westergasfabriek. Here are some highlights:

  1. Westerpark: Just a few minutes by bike you will find the beautiful Westerpark. This green city park is perfect for a relaxing bike ride, a picnic, or a visit to one of the many events that take place here regularly.

2. The Jordaan: Cycle towards the iconic Jordaan and enjoy the charming canals, unique boutiques, and cozy cafes. This historic district is a must-see for anyone visiting Amsterdam.

  1. The Vondelpark: A slightly longer, but very worthwhile bike ride takes you to the Vondelpark, the largest and most famous park in Amsterdam. Here you can enjoy cycling, walking, or simply enjoy nature.

4. The Museum Quarter: For lovers of art and culture, a drive to the Museum Quarter is recommended. Visit the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum, all easily accessible by bike.

Why Choose MOBIHUB Westergasfabriek?

Parking at MOBIHUB Q-Park Westergasfabriek offers numerous advantages: - Safe and Reliable: Modern facilities ensure the safety of your vehicle. - Flexibility: Combine parking with renting a bicycle for optimal freedom of movement. - Central Located: A perfect location to quickly and easily access Amsterdam's main attractions.

Choose MOBIHUB Westergasfabriek and experience the convenience and freedom of flexible parking and cycling in the heart of Amsterdam.