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Allianz Global Assistance

The Allianz Global Assistance is an insurance company office located in Amsterdam that mainly facilitates the customers in travel and vehicle insurance. The company provides live chat, WhatsApp chat, and call options to the customer through the day for any assistance that they require regarding their vehicular or travel needs. The emergency call line is also available for any international customers that may require urgent care or facilitation. The multiple lines at the office are created to help a wide range of customers without any hassle.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities near Allianz Global Assistance which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

Parking at Allianz Global Assistance
If you are looking to park at the office building, you need to inform the company before the date to confirm your spot. As there are limited parking slots available for you to park, it is essential to contact the office beforehand and reserve your place when you book an appointment. The availability will depend on the traffic because of the timing and season.

Blue zone parking
If you are in the vicinity and looking for a parking spot, you can easily avail of the Blue Zone parking facility, which will enable you to park your car for a short period in that space. The Blue Zone parking is ideal if you are looking to make a quick trip and you know that you won't be spending a lot of time at the office. The Blue Zone parking discs can be purchased from any supermarket or roadside stands, and you can utilize them in the areas marked.

Parking for 10 cents
Along the streets of Amsterdam, near this office, you will also find certain roads that have been marked as particular parking areas for only ten cents. You can avail of this offer during certain times of the day; however, you are only allowed one visit per day for a maximum of four hours. For customers visiting the Allianz office for a matter of a few minutes or a couple of hours can readily park their car here without any hassle

Q-Park P+R Comeniusstraat
The parking lot is located near the Allianz office and is a covered parking facility for its ease. The P+R facility stands for 'park and ride,' which means that you can park here and ride the public transport to any nearby localities. The parking lot is great if you want to get to the Allianz office as you can make a quick bus trip right to the office in no time without worrying about your car.

Lelylaan Station Parking
The Lelylaan Station parking is an underground parking lot located under the station, providing you with safety and ease of access to the Allianz office. The parking is a few meters away from the office, and a few minute's walks will quickly get you to the entrance. The parking is open 24/7, so you do not have to worry about time. However, to park here, you need a token which can be bought from an office fifteen minutes away from the parking.

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