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Bos en Lommer

The Bos en Lommer is a neighborhood in Amsterdam which is notorious for the rich and vast cultural diversity. You can find many Turkish and Moroccan restaurants and cafes in this area as well as coffee bars. Keeping in line with cultural diversity, you can find many vendors selling spices and their respective national foods and snacks. The area is excellent for exploring the variety of the city and enjoying nature at the beautiful Erasmus Park.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities near Bos en Lommer which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

P+R parking
The P+R parking stands for ‘park and rides,’ a parking facility available to all those users who want to park their car in a safe space and then make use of the nearby public transport accessible to travel to other destinations. The parking is placed in a central location, to cater to all nearby bus and train routes, creating a quick access point for the user from the garage to the transport.

P+R parking is one of the cheapest parkings and therefore popular parkings you can find in Amsterdam. However, the rates depend upon your arrival time at the parking lot and can be higner if you arrive early in the morning. A better alternative is P & B, where you park and bike to your end destination.

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