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De Baarsjes

The Baarsjes is a district of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From 1990 until 2010, De Baarsjes remained a district of Amsterdam before it consolidated with the current municipality of Amsterdam-West.
The architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage, who planned the central square of Mercatorplein, was De Baarsjes. It was built in the first half of the 20th century along a tram line that took commuters to the city center. Moreover, it was constructed before World War II. It is made in the best manner, and when it came to urban reconstruction in the 1990s, much of the houses were restored and not grounded.

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You can find pay to park in the former Baarsjes neighborhood of Amsterdam. There is a limit that applies daily, except on Sundays. Today the neighborhood of Baarsjes is named the West of Amsterdam.

You can use the car park in Mercatorplein even if you are in Amsterdam Baarsjes. The public parking lot is opposite to the Mercatorplein. The clearance height is 2 meters, and 10 meters and the Mercatorplein parking garage has over 200 parking spaces. You will park your car here for € 0,19 for 3 minutes, € 3,80 an hour and € 38 per day.
The car park is accessible 24 hours a day so that you can park here at any time.

The Address for the parking area is:
Mercatorplein 2 A
1057 CB Amsterdam

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