Seville Airport

A-4, Sevilla

Parking (P+R) at Seville Airport

Seville Airport is Spain's sixth busiest airport inland. It is the only international airport covering western Andalusia in southern Spain and the surrounding regions. The airport has services to 42 locations in Europe and Northern Africa and carries 5,108,807 passengers in 2017. It is 10 kilometers east of downtown Seville and about 110 kilometers north-east of the Costa de la Luz.

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Short term parking
There are many car parks at the airport. Read below to find out the short term parking lots:

P1 Short term parking
This car park is the most comfortable for travelers who are in Seville for fewer than six days. Parking is within 2-3 minutes walking distance of the passenger terminal. It is near the terminal site; this parking lot is for stays of less than four days (short/medium stay). The car park has 1,822 spaces scattered across five levels. The maximum height limit for parking your car is 2.10 meters. Make sure you reserve your parking space earlier.

First minute: €0.50
From minutes 2 to 30: €0.01/ minute
From minute 31: €0.03 / minutes
Maximum daily rate for four days: €16.00
Maximum daily rate from the fifth day: €15.00

Low-Cost parking areas, outside the airport premises
Low-cost car parks, both short term and long-term car parks, in or around the airport premises of Seville, are available. Since most of these low-cost car parks are beyond the airport grounds, they can only compensate, providing cheaper pricing and more facilities than those inside the airport city.
The airport of Seville has a limited parking area for the collection and recovery of the renting of cars. The car park is on the third floor of Arrivals, just after the entrance to Parking P1. The door is on the left and is limited to rented vehicles.

Bus parking at Seville airport
The parking lot has 20 slots, and the entry is from the Arrivals level, just after the entry to the P1 car park. This parking lot is eligible for public or private buses and minibuses. It is accessible at the Arrivals point, at the Parking P1 entrance.

First hour: Free of charge
Minute 61: €0.47
Until 90th minute: €0.01 per minute
From minute 91h: €0.03 per minute
Maximum daily rate: €15.45

Long term parking
There are many car parks at the airport. Read below to find out the long term parking lots:

P2 long term Seville airport
It is on the grounds of the airport, not far from the terminal house. It's got a total of 948 spaces. Long-stay parking is situated about a 6-minute walk from the terminal and has the most affordable costs. It's the perfect option for stays for more than six days. It is a paved and protected parking space.

First minute: €0.50
From minute 15: €0.03 / minute
Maximum daily rate for the first and second day: €14.00
Maximum daily rate for the third and fourth day: €7.00
Maximum daily rate from the fifth day: €5.00

VIP valet parking
For travelers seeking unique facilities such as vehicle collection, transportation, and distribution at competitive rates, it's the easiest and most accessible place to park, with spaces allocated in front of departures and arrivals.

Disabled parking:
There are parking areas, especially for disabled people. You can park here, however, make sure you comply with the EU disability regulations. Don't forget to display your disability badge.

There are many services you can avail of at the airport. Read below to find out.
Car wash
Electric car charging.
Car repairs

Parking around Seville Airport