Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Lucasbolwerk, Utrecht

Parking (P+R) at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

The Stadsschouwburg is the largest theater building in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The building, designed in 1937 by the well-known architect Willem Dudok, is located on the Lucasbolwerk, on the edge of the Utrecht city center. It opened on September 3, 1941 and housed the Esplanade restaurant. For more information visit the website

General information parking Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Utrecht is a busy city with little space for cars and expensive parking fees. Avoid the crowds, searching kilometers and expensive parking meters.

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Parking at MobiHubs around the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht There are various MobiHubs around the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht where visitors, residents and companies can park cheaply in a safe, clean and affordable parking space. You will find the parking locations in different zones in the city. By using the MobiHub you can switch from your car to a bicycle. Park and Ride Utrecht is an easy way to avoid the traffic. The large network of cycle paths and traffic lights makes cycling in Utrecht clear and safe. Wearing a bicycle helmet is not mandatory.

How do you get from the Utrecht car park to Stadsschouwburg? After you have parked your car in the parking lot or in the parking garage in Utrecht, you seamlessly switch to the bicycle you have reserved. This means you do not have to deal with waiting times or timetables. On the way you can stop and lock the bike as often as you want. Park and Bike offers free parking in Utrecht if you rent a bicycle. The bicycle offer varies per Hub, we also offer electric bicycles and transport bicycles.

Parking around Stadsschouwburg Utrecht