Rue Dieudonné Costes 6, Blagnac

Parking at Boxx'in gives you:

  • Hand in the key Hand in the key
  • Limited Free Shuttle Service Limited Free Shuttle Service
  • Hardened terrain Hardened terrain
  • check Opened from 05:00 - 23:00h

About Boxx'in

If you're in search of a secure parking facility in proximity to Toulouse-Blagnac airport, you've arrived at the correct destination. Boxx'in provides reasonably priced parking spots with proficient personnel. You have the option to select between open-air or enclosed parking, along with a choice between a shuttle or valet service. Given that the parking area is just a brief five-minute drive away, shuttle transfers are swift and effective. Alternatively, you can choose valet parking, allowing you to drive directly to the airport and hand over your vehicle to a staff member. They will manage everything until your return.

It's noteworthy that the shuttle service is inclusive for up to 4 passengers. Beyond this count, an additional fee of €5 will be applied for each extra passenger. This supplementary charge can be settled on-site.

For larger vehicles, an extra €2 per day is accepted, provided the vehicle does not exceed 6 meters in length. If the length surpasses this limit, the supplementary fee becomes €3 per day. In the case of motorhomes, the reservation cost will be doubled.

Parking including shared shuttle

On the day of departure, you drive straight to the parking lot. Please report on the provider's desk and you will be transferred by shared shuttle bus to your final destination. Upon return, you contact the carrier by telephone, after which you will be transferred back to the parking lot.

Parking around Boxx'in