MOBIHUB | P+R - Bilk

Volmerswerther Straße 35, Düsseldorf

Parking at MOBIHUB | P+R - Bilk gives you:

  • Bicycle (s) to be booked Bicycle (s) to be booked
  • Mobile app needed Mobile app needed
  • Only adult bikes available Only adult bikes available
  • Open 24/7 Open 24/7
  • Indoor Indoor
  • Hardened terrain Hardened terrain

About MOBIHUB | P+R - Bilk

Park for free in Düsseldorf? With MOBIHUB that is possible! Book your parking spot at MOBIHUB Bilk, add one or more bikes to your reservation and your parking spot is for free! You only have to pay for the bike(s) you rent. MobiHub Bilk is located in Düsseldorf Bilk. Bilk is a dynamic district in Düsseldorf, that pulsates with youthful energy. Its lively streets are lined with trendy boutiques, multicultural eateries, and vibrant bars. Adjacent to the Rhine, Bilk offers scenic promenades, inviting residents and visitors to soak in the city's eclectic spirit. This neighbourhood embodies Düsseldorf's cosmopolitan flair.

Enjoy your day(s) in Düsseldorf without paying too much for parking.


This is an official MOBIHUB location. Add a bike to your reservation and your parking is free.

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